About Me

My name is Lieke. I am a 21-year old media student. Most of my time is spent behind screens and pages. I watch many tv-series (too many to the eyes of the mundane). I’m the Abed of the real world. I won’t ever stop quoting twenty øne piløts lyrics (and I’m not sorry). My favourite movie is the 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby and I will fight anyone who doesn’t think Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar for that role. I mean, come on, that scene where he says “I’m Gatsby” and he lifts his glass and there are fireworks going off behind him: that’s just pure brilliance.

I aspire to write something as amazing as Les Revenants, something as memorable as FRIENDS, as funny as Brooklyn Nine Nine and as thrilling as How To Get Away With Murder. In short, I want to make history and I invite all of you along on my journey.

On this website, you’ll read how I felt when Rachel got off the plane (ugh no Rachel no, Ross is a jerk) and how many tears were shed when Dumbledore died (#SPOILER-ALERT). I’ll post movie reviews, share which tv-series I’m currently watching and rave about amazing books. I’ll try to post regularly, but I can’t promise anything, because sometimes things just get in the way like when Robin chose Ted instead of Barney and I was so disappointed I couldn’t watch any television for weeks. You understand, right?

Anyway, so long, goodbye, see you later alligator. Stay street.

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