An Ode to Leonardo DiCaprio

18 Jan

Everybody probably knows the tragic relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and the Oscars. He has been nominated numerous times and has been expected to win as well, but never has. This year he gets another shots with his role in the new movie The Revenant.

I haven’t seen The Revenant yet, but I have seen many other movies with Leonardo in the lead and have loved most. Today, as an ode to his brilliant acting, I’ve made a list of the best movies with him in it.

The Great Gatsby (2013)
The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite movies ever. Leonardo DiCaprio puts on a brilliant Gatsby, a man mad with love. Gatsby grew up as the son of a poor fisherman. He falls in love with Daisy, but they lose touch when he goes into the army. Years after, Gatsby throws gigantic parties in his mansion of new money to try to get her back. She lives across the bay with her old money husband. Gatsby can see the green light of their dock from his garden. DiCaprio is a master in this role. The best scene is when he raises his glass and says:

“I am afraid I haven’t been a very good host, old sport. You see… I’m Gatsby”


Catch Me If You Can (2002)
In Catch Me If You Can DiCaprio plays a young con who can talk his way into anything. He has millions of dollars unfairly earned by pretending amongst other things to be a pilot and doctor. The movie is funny and exciting, and it’s a shame that not more people talk about this one. It’s one of the lesser known roles of DiCaprio, but certainly not one of the less good ones.

Inception (2010)
Leonardo DiCaprio definitely has a type: desperate men who will do anything to get what they want. In Inception he plays Cobb, a man who steals from people’s minds by entering their dreams. It’s one of the most complicated movies ever, because there are dreams within dreams within dreams and no knowing how anyone will get out, but it’s worth your while watching it.

What is your favourite movie with Leonardo DiCaprio?

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