Angel From Hell

9 Jan

Life is perfect for Allison until her guardian angel intervenes. CBS’s new comedy series Angel From Hell has an unique and promising concept, but does it work on the screen?


Stalker Alert!
Allison is being followed around by a woman who seems to know everything: from her first period up to her cheating boyfriend. The woman, Amy, claims to be her guardian angel. She says she’s been following Allison around since birth. Allison is a doctor and too educated to fall for this nonsense. But she can’t shake the feeling that something more is going on. How else does this woman who she’s never met in her life know everything about her?

Original and Fresh
It’s nice to see a comedy with an original concept for once. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, because it sounds so unbelievable to have a guardian angel, but this show makes you believe in the impossible. Guardian angel Amy is annoying, but convincingly so. She’s the perfect mix between sweet and caring and ‘go to hell’-stalker-y. Allison is the strong woman we want to see on television. She’s hard-working and doesn’t let her toy-boy boyfriend play with her feelings. The characters deliver the high-concept plot well.

Anxiously Awaiting More
Guardian angels normally don’t intervene with the lives of the humans they protect, says Amy. But she had to, because Allison was going along a dangerous path. The show leaves you wondering what dangers lie ahead for dear Allison. I am hoping for some real drama to be added to the comedy in the upcoming episodes!

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