CBS’s Supergirl Review

13 Nov

Supergirl is a new CBS-series about the female version of Superman. Her name is Kara and she is his cousin. After pretending to be your average human at her assistant job at a media company, she finally decides to use her powers to save the world. Here’s why I both love and hate this new show.


This show is obviously set up around feminism. Men and women are equal, so why do we not have a big show about a female superhero yet? In so far, I agree. It’s awesome to have a Supergirl saving the day. I was very excited to watch this show. It’s a promising concept. But the first three episodes left me conflicted.

Here’s the point: I just don’t buy it. I think it’s overdone. The struggle of being female in this world is too emphasised in this show. I don’t want you to tell me about it, I want you to show me.

Moreover, Kara is unbearable. She’s naïve and arrogant. She clearly thinks that just because she has superpowers, she is better than the rest of us and especially better than her sister. In episode three she slowly seems to start to turn around on this, but it’s already too late. I already don’t like her. The main character should be my favorite from the start.

I even like Kara’s ‘evil boss’ better than I like Kara, which is to say something, because her boss should be one of the least likeable characters on the show, apart from the real villains of course. But though Kara’s boss, Cat Grant, is as selfish and arrogant as Kara, we at least know what we’re up for with her. She’s a bitch and you know it. We come prepared. But Kara, she’s so backwards. She’s the girl you’ll trust and who’ll end up betraying you. She’ll gossip about you behind your back. She’ll smile sweetly and then twist your arm. Her coworker Winslow has a crush on her and she just uses him for his IT-skills. Moreover, her sister saves her life countless of times and she never genuinely thanks her.

To me, the real superhero on this show is the sister, Alex (or as most of us know her from Grey’s Anatomy: Lexie Grey). She’s fought to be in the position she is today, working for the DEO. Everybody thinks she got there just because of her background. Kara criticises her endlessly, but Alex can stand up for herself. She fights for what she believes in and for what is right.

Now, I don’t know yet if I’ll continue watching this show. I love the concept and I’m eager to see it done right, but so far, it has greatly disappointed me. I might stick around for a few more episodes to see if the tide turns. Let’s hope so.

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