Favourite Christmas Movies

16 Dec

The holidays are coming up and we all know what that means: binge-watching lame, cliché movies we all secretly love. Here are my Christmas favourites!

Cuddling by the Fire
Christmas equals love, right? I love cliché romance movies. The best ever is Love Actually and I will not trust you if you haven’t seen it at least twice in your life. It is a must-watch during the holidays, no excuses! A close second-best Christmas love movie is The Holiday. It features two women who switch houses for the holidays. One is from America and one from England. On vacation they both fall in love, obviously. It’s cute, I promise.

If you look for it I’ve got a sneaky feeling that you’ll find that love actually is all around

It’s Time for Some Fun
After all that love nonsense, you might want to have some movies to ‘lol’ at. My favourite Christmas comedy of all time is the most cliché of all: Home Alone. The first is the best, but I like all Home Alone movies. Another really, really funny movie is Surviving Christmas. A man goes back to his childhood house to find it’s someone else’s home now. He decides to stay with the strange family over the holidays, which said family does not like at all.

Surviving Christmas

Almost Christmas Movies
The last category is movies they always air during the holidays, but that aren’t necessarily Christmas-themed. I am talking first and foremost about the Harry Potter movies. I watch all eight every year and Christmas is not real without them. And the last movie you need to watch this Christmas is the least Christmassy movie of all: A Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s the perfect title to the perfect movie about three unfortunate orphans. After their parents are killed in a fire, they have to run from Count Olaf, who is after their money and will kill the poor children to get to it if he must.


Now that you have all these movies to watch, why would you ever want to have one of those overhyped Christmas dinners with family members you never see anyways? Stay inside, kids.

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