How Pretty Little Liars Has Improved

4 Feb

I have been a Pretty Little Liars viewer since the beginning. Notice how I say viewer instead of fan; the series hasn’t always been good. Last season was more like a task than something I enjoyed watching. But now, the series has taken both a leap in time and in quality. Here’s why!

This post contains a lot of *SPOILERS*. I advice you not to read any further if you haven’t seen the latest Pretty Little Liars episodes (season 6, episodes 11 to 14).


Déjà Vu
Halfway through season 6, we’ve taken a leap in time. The Liars have all left Rosewood to go to university or to work and five years have passed since we last saw them. Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily decide to come back to Rosewood when Allison asks them to help out with Charlotte’s hearing. Thinking all their troubles were over, they could never have been more wrong. When Charlotte is killed, they’re not only murder suspects, but also being stalked again by an unknown person. Who is behind this?

New Relations
All our favourite characters are back in season 6B. Not only the girls move back to Rosewood, but their counterparts are there as well. Caleb helps Spencer’s mom with her political campaign, Toby is building a house and Ezra is supposed to be writing a book. Even Aria’s dad returns into the picture. But the relationships between the guys and the girls have changed drastically, something that has gotten a lot of fans upset, but a change that I actually like. What has been the most upsetting to many, is the newly romance between Spencer and Caleb. We’ve left season 6A thinking that Haleb (Hanna and Caleb) was still going strong, but we’ve been mistaken. They grew apart when they left Rosewood and Hanna is even engaged to someone else now. Spencer and Toby also broke up. Spencer and Caleb, however, managed to get closer over the course of the past five years. They ran into each other on their separate trips to Europe and have had to resist the urge to get together ever since.

“There is something else that I’ve been feeling guilty for.”

Spencer finally decides to try and find out how Caleb feels about her when she has Hanna’s permission. And as it turns out: he likes her back! The scene in episode 13 is the best scene of the entire series so far. It is an exciting moment, seeing their love come out of hiding. They’re hesitant, because they want to be fair to their friends, but don’t they have the right to try this, to fall in love? Both Hanna and Toby have clearly moved on and the couples have been broken up for years! Moreover, Caleb and Spencer seems logical to me, at least now. They’ve got chemistry and in general are very alike in the way they think about things.

No More Teens
“Spaleb” is to me the perfect example of how Pretty Little Liars has improved: the characters have changed, they’ve grown. Mind you, we haven’t seen them in five years. A lot has happened since we left them in season 6A. Where the series normally does have a lot of shortcomings, here it brilliantly takes into account the years we haven’t seen. The writing is subtle and on point. The characters are grown-ups now, instead of annoying teenagers. They aren’t as naïve as they were before and they don’t lie (as much). I love that Hanna manages to confess up about erasing the tape to her mother and her fiancé. Sure, she still keeps the text messages from them, but it’s a step into the right direction. Spencer also shares with Caleb, even about why she deleted the message about Toby. And Emily tells her mother the truth about college. Moreover, the girls are finally more honest with each other. They still do keep secrets, I guess that’s just in their nature, but they do also work together for once.

What’s Next?
I still don’t think that Pretty Little Liars is all that it could be, but it’s moving into the right direction now. Some things don’t always make sense and the plot gets stretched out at times, but for once the season has more upsides than downs. What I hope is that when the series ends in a season and a half, all our questions will finally be answered. Some loose ends from season one need to be tied up still or I will never rest.

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  1. Season 6A was really dissapointing for me! Especially when they announced that Charlotte was A. I didn’t except it, but it felt like she was the wrong A. Now I am enjoying it more, hopefully it will continue to be this good!

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