Poetry as an experience: Secret Midnight Press

26 Sep

You walk into a bookstore not knowing what you want to read next. You browse covers for some time, your fingers hovering over the backs of books. That is what bookshopping looked like for centuries. But recently many bookstores have adapted the concept of secret books. They are wrapped up in paper and only show a few words to summarize what they are about. You don’t know the cover, the title or the author of the book when you buy it. A poetry publishing company from Columbus, Ohio is taking this concept to the next level by releashing seasonal secret boxes, filled with secret items. In it is a book, a piece of clothing and a number of surprise items that relate to the season.

“We wanted art in every part of life and life in every part of art,” says Jesse Cale about his friendship with Ashley Dun. Together they started Secret Midnight Press, a publishing company that combines books with items, making reading an experience that is about more than just words. It is the feelings that they create, the home that welcomes you. “The name Secret Midnight Press captures the place and feeling and of what is we do. You find yourself up late at night and maybe you’re alone in bed or there’s so much going on in your head that you just can’t sleep. A journal or a book can be your secret place.”

The theme of this season’s box is magic. “We are bundling up all things curious, creepy, calm and creative for you.” If you’re interested in this magical surprise for Fall, the box is available for preorder on the website.

Make sure to follow Secret Midnight Press on social media for future surprises and secrets. Jesse and Ashley have many exciting things coming up and their inboxes are always open for input from readers and fans. Ashley: “We want to make you feel safe to share your secrets and then most likely, most of us can relate to these secrets. We want to be a community that understands and meets you”

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