Shadowhunters’ Great Potential

14 Jan

The first episode of the new young adult tv-series Shadowhunters has had many conflicting twitter responses. Many fans of the books this tv-series is based on are upset. But when letting go of the original, what is the worth of the tv-adaptation?


The Complicated Plot
Shadowhunters tells the story of Clary Frey. She’s a human unaware that in fact she’s more than just human. She finds out “all stories are true”. All myths about vampires, werewolves and demons become real and her entire life changes when she turns eighteen. Clary’s mom is abducted by her evil ex-husband Valentine and Clary is left to take care of herself. She’s rescued from demons by the good-lucking ‘shadowhunter’ a.k.a. demon slayer Jace. He takes her into the ‘institute’, which is a church that looks abandoned from the outside and like a cyberspace lab from the inside.

To those who are confused by my synopsis: you probably haven’t seen the show yet. I feel like they over-explain the plot. Because they think newcomers to the story might not understand the Shadowhunter world, they literally explain every bit of it in detail over and over. It was exhausting. Assuming the average television viewers can’t fill in the gaps theirselves is the most stupid but common mistake in screenwriting. What annoyed me most was when Izzy kept referring to Alec as her ‘brother’. Hey brother, what’s up brother. We get it, they’re siblings…

Promising Future
However, I think that these issues will fade over the course of the first season. The show needs a bit of time to grow. I think that the actors and the story hold great potential. What’s great is that the story is actually believable, despite all the supernatural happenings and the occasional seemingly forced lines. The overall storyline is exciting. I want to know what happens next! This is one of the reasons why it’s so important that a tv-series doesn’t follow the books it’s based on by letter. Why would I tune in to watch every week if I already knew exactly what was going to happen? Shadowhunters has made the right decision to only take the main concept and adjust the events that take place to their own liking and their own medium.

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