‘Superstore’ Doesn’t Have Everything I Want

9 Dec

NBC has aired a new show called ‘Superstore’. The first two episodes were on in December and the show is coming back for more in the new year. But is it worth waiting for?


“The American Superstore, one stop shopping for everything you could ever want, or need.”

With that statement opens the new NBC tv-series. It’s a show that follows the lives of several supermarket employees. Jonah is new. On his first day, he already offends the floor manager Amy and as he tries to make it up to her, he fails miserably every time.

How hard can it be?
The job Jonah has to do is so simple. All he does in a day is fill up the shelves and walk around aimlessly. And yet he makes mistakes continuously. In the pilot, he accidentally changes the prices of expensive electronics to 25 cents instead of reducing them with 25%, making Amy furious. The idiocy of the cashiers who sell the products for 25 cents without any hesitation is funny, but it is also slightly unbelievable. I think that it’s one example of what makes the show a bit unlikable. It’s unrealistic. How can anyone be this stupid? Jonah spends hours stacking cans to make an image of a smiley face. He races in the shopping carts in the parking lot. And then he doesn’t get why his boss Amy doesn’t like him. How? You’re getting paid to work, so go work you idiot!

Though the show is funny at times, it is very predictable. The characters are a bit flat, so the viewer can guess their next actions easily. I am hoping the characters will get more dimension as the show continues and I will give them another chance, but I don’t have much faith in this show.

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